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  1. Taiwanese touchscreen and fingerprint sensor firm Elan has reported a rise in revenues so far this year.
  2. Iris-focused biometrics firm  EyeLock  has announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued patent that uses conditions of the iris to predict a time sequence for acquiring a high probability of quality iris images. 
  3. Identity focused consultancy Goode Intelligence has projected that the global mobile and wearable biometrics market will be worth $6.2B by 2022.
  4. Police taking charge of the Champion's League final in Wales next month plan to use face recognition for security at the major football event.
  5. Fingerprint sensor firm Integrated Biometrics has launched the FIVE-0 scanner, describing it as a breakthrough in mobile fingerprint enrollment and verification due to its size and technology.
  6. Fingerprint specialists BIO-key has revealed that it will be showcasing technology and taking part in conference sessions at industry leading identity technology event, connect:ID 2017.
  7. The organisers of next-generation identity technology event connect:ID 2017 have revealed that Kevin McAleenan, the acting commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), will be the opening keynote speaker at the much-anticipated conference.
  8. Biometrics service firm Aware has reported financial results for its first quarter ended March 31, 2017.
  9. A cloud-based app services provider call Appdome has revealed that it is working with biometric authentication BehavioSec on integrating behavioural solutions for mobile.
  10. Israel’s FST Biometrics took home user authentication and access control awards at a recent trade show.
  11. Voice biometrics firm SpeechPro, the US-based subsidiary of STC Group, plans to showcase multi-modal biometric authentication solutions: VoiceKey.AGENT and VoiceKey.FRAUD, at an upcoming trade show.
  12. A research team is working on an innovative biometric identification technique that would identify individuals by the way their eyes detect photons.
  13. Senior officials from the National Coast Guard have raised the prospect of using voice biometrics to catch hoax callers costing the service valuable funds and resources.
  14. Former 9/11 Commission border counsel Janice Kephart has said that changes are needed to strengthen the  current refugee vetting process.
  15. Franklin County Sheriff's Office is to become the first in the country to use a database of footprints to help officers solve crimes
  16. Biometric systems and software specialists Aware have release a cloud-based biometric identity solution called Indigo|Onboard.
  17. Fingerprint sensor firm SecuGen has announced that they will be spotlighting the Hamster Pro 45, a FAP 45 certified two finger and rolled finger reader at the Connect:ID Conference.
  18. Secure identity solutions firm GET Group North has announced the availability of its new GET CIV card, a Commercial Identity Verification (CIV) smart card compliant with the US government’s  FIPS201-2 specifications for identity credentials. 
  19. Norwegian biometrics firm IDEX has announced that it sensors features in a high-profile pilot of a biometric payment card that’s been conducted by Mastercard.
  20. The Zimbabwe government has shortlisted two companies for a contract to provide biometric election services.
  21. The US Department of Homeland Security has unveiled a new tool that helps prospective applicants find the DHS Trusted Traveler Program that best matches their citizenship and travel preferences.  
  22. Voice biometrics firm Nuance has recommended that its modality be used by the Australian government for a planned real-time payments platform.
  23. Biometric election tech firm Smartmatic say a face recognition app could make voting more accessible for Brits, as the country prepares for a snap election.
  24. Students at a Mumbai chemical college succeeded in spoofing a fingerprint attendance device with fake fingerprints.
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