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Début Mardi 21 Mars 2017
Fin Jeudi 23 Mars 2017
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World Border Security Congress

2017 Outline Congress Topics:

Building Coherent Global Border Management Response Against Illegal Migration and International Terrorism
Whether it’s the threat from international terrorism to mass migration, or organised criminal gangs involved in trafficking of humans, drugs, contraband and CBRNe proliferation, all these generate a national security threat to any country. How should emphasis be placed on ensuring freedom of movement against the security threats these provide? Can a coherent border management strategy be developed and implemented in the face of increased security threats from migration challenges? Are we compromising safety and security at airports, border points and seaports through streamlining for cost efficiencies?

Maritime, Port and Coastal Border Security Challenges
Whether it’s the current high profile migration and human trafficking threats across the Mediterranean, Andaman or South China Seas, or from the west coast of Africa to southern Europe and the Far East, migrants continue to risk their lives across the waters to reach their salvation. With many organised criminal gangs exploiting these channels, what are the main challenges for the coast guards and how can we best guard the coast and major ports from international organised criminal activities, including human trafficking and drug smuggling?

Standardization of Systems and Making Advanced Passenger Information (API) Work
There are many trusted traveller programmes available, yet few integrate and communicate to create a more global benefit of passenger clearance and information sharing. Standardization of systems has not occurred despite lots of talk at ICAO, IATA. Is it possible for standardisation to occur and how can API and PNR sharing be made to work more effectively?

External and Internal Land Border Challenges
External land borders provide unique challenges in the fight against cross border organised crime, human trafficking, smuggling and mass migration. Yet internal land borders, such as at airport and ports, are becoming an increasing focus of terrorist threat or illegal travellers using fraudulent travel documents. What are the latest global challenges and how can strategies and technologies help deliver a more secure border?

Identity and Biometrics at the Border – Compliance, Application and Implementation
Ease of travel for bona fide travellers has not become less burdensome, it has become more complicated despite new technologies such as biometrics and e-visas. How can biometrics can be implemented in compliance within legal, privacy and data protection requirements. And be more effectively applied and integrated with trusted traveller programmes and other data sources to ensure the integrity of the traveller to speed up the travel process?

The Global Fight Against International Terrorism and Cross Border Organised Crime and How We Make Interagency Co-operation and Information Sharing a Reality
Countering border threats as a result of the so called “war on terror” & “the war on drugs” is without end despite the billions spend in human resources and treasure. What are the latest challenges and threats? How can agencies better collaborate and share intelligence in the fight against organised criminal gangs and international terrorist movement? How can border administrations better share information and data under increasing pressure from privacy laws?

IBM and Technology Challenges and Security in the Face of Mass Migration
In todays currently climate of mass migration caused through war and unstable regions, terrorist organisations are able to infiltrate countries using migration routes as cover. What are the latest challenges and threats to security and what challenges does this pose to Integrated Border Management (IBM). How can IBM and the use of latest technologies adapt to be more effective in such challenging times?

Pushing Out the Border and the Future of Successful Border Management
In the climate and pressure of achieving greater results from limited resources, how can we best make information sharing and upstream intelligence a reality for identifying the genuine traveller. How can we push out the border for making identification of threats more effective and efficient? What is the future for ensuring successful border management?

Lieu Casablanca, Morocco
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