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Début Lundi 26 Septembre 2016
Fin Mardi 27 Septembre 2016
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Biometrics for Healthcare

September 26-27, 2016 | Philadelphia, PA

 2016 09 Biometric for Healthcare

As the industry is well aware, the lack of patient identitysafeguards presents many issues for both patients and providers.

For instance,patients can become the victims of medical identity theft resulting in thepotential for patient health records to contain health data and claims that arenot theirs which jeopardizes future treatments and health care financiallimits.

In addition, some patients may have their medical records falsified tosupport fraudulent claims.

All of these problems lead to not only less safe,but also inefficient patient care, when patients might receive the wrongtreatment.

Many healthcare organizations began adding biometrics to otherauthentication solutions to combat existing problems, however, there are someimportant steps that need to be taken into consideration, before and during theintegration of biometrics solutions, such as:

  • Buildinga business case for your top management
  • Conductinga cost – benefit analysis
  • Patientsacceptance and ability to opt out
  • Evaluatingmost common ways of including biometrics: finger prints, ID cards
  • Understandingthe technological challenges: compatibility with existing systems

The use of biometric technology is currently on the rise andour conference will help you understand all potential pitfalls as well asbenefits of using biometrics.

Lieu Philadelphia, PA
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