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Début Lundi 13 Septembre 2021
Fin Mercredi 15 Septembre 2021
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EAB - RPC Research Projects Conference


2021-09-13 (2021-09-15) - 14:45 (16:00) - Location: EAB virtual event

Organizer: The European Association for Biometrics (EAB) in cooperation with the Joint Research Center (DG-JRC) of the European Commission, and Fraunhofer IGD.

Fees are non-refundable as from 7 days before the start of the event.
Registered participants will receive dial-in credentials the evening before the event via email.


Program | Registration

The training will provide an opportunity to learn first-hand from world-leading experts both the basics of biometric systems and also the latest developments across the community. It is aimed at a wide range of stakeholders including industrial and governmental developers and end-users, researchers, academics and post-graduate students, and policy makers that are fairly new to biometrics.

Note: If you are not yet an EAB-member, please consider to register for membership first (starting from 95,00 € per year). You then can register for the EAB-RPC as an EAB-member for only 240,00 € instead of 360,00 €, which means an overall saving of 25,00 €!

The 8th edition of the EAB Research Projects Conference will take place as virtual conference from 13 to 15 September 2021. The conference is organized by the European Association on Biometrics (EAB) in cooperation with the Joint Research Center (DG JRC) of the European Commission, through its Cyber and Digital Citizens’ security Unit. The EAB-RPC 2021 will be co-located with the EAB Biometrics Research, Industry and Max-Snijder-Awards and the IEEE BIOSIG Conference, later that same week.

The conference is currently the largest event on research funded by the European Union in the area of Biometrics and Identity Management. Over the previous successful editions, EAB-RPC has become the main forum in Europe where attendees can simultaneously: promote research carried out in biometrics, forge new links and networks, and identify the appropriate partners for possible future project applications. Last year’s edition welcomed over 100 participants from academia, industry and public institutions.

DIAMOND sponsors of this event:

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Entrance fees: normal: 360,00 € / EAB members: 240,00 € / Speakers: 120,00 €

Monday, 13 September 2021

14:45 Alexander Nouak

Conference Opening

European Association for Biometrics
14:50 Dinusha Frings

Introduction to the European Association for Biometrics and the Research Projects Conference

European Association for Biometrics
Session: Keynote – Chair: Javier Galbally
15:00 Matthias Oel

A European perspective on internal security, external border management and the preservation of the Schengen area


Communication break

Session on-going projects I: iMARS - Chair: Alexander Nouak
15:40 Claude Bauzou

iMARS: overview of the project

15:50 Frøy Løvåsdal

iMARS: Morphing Attack Detection Capabilities of Human Examiners

National Police Directorate, Norway
16:20 Juan Eduardo Tapia Farias

iMARS: Relevant feature selection and visualization for single-MAD

Hochschule Darmstadt

Communication break

Session on-going projects II: TELEFI, FOLDOUT - Chair: Dinusha Frings
17:00 Andra Sirgmets

TELEFI: A wrap-up of the TELEFI project: conclusions and lessons learned

Estonian Forensic Science Institute
17:30 Andreas Kriechbaum-Zabini
Georg Melzer

FOLDOUT: Through-foliage detection of illegal cross-border activities


End of Day 1

Tuesday, 14 September 2021

Session on-going projects III: RESPECT - Chair: Javier Galbally
09:00 Antitza Dantcheva

RESPECT: Video Generation and Detection

09:20 Marta Gomez-Barrero

RESPECT: Presentation Attack Detection for Voice Biometrics: When Audio Meets Image - Part I

Hochschule Ansbach
09:40 Massimiliano Todisco

RESPECT: Presentation Attack Detection for Voice Biometrics: When Audio Meets Image - Part II


Communication break

Session on-going projects IV: H-Unique - Chair: Fernando Alonso
10:30 Bryan M. Williams

H-Unique: Examining anatomical variability in the human hand

Lancaster University
10:45 Ritesh Vyas

H-Unique: Person identification by holistic multi-unit knuckle crease matching

Lancaster University
11:00 Zheheng Jiang

H-Unique: Vein pattern mapping from photographs

Lancaster University
11:15 Dylan Gauld

H-Unique: 3D visualisation techniques for reconstructing high-fidelity 3D hand models

Dundee University

Communication break

Session on-going projects V: D4FLY - Chair: Christoph Busch
11:50 Armin Reuter

D4FLY: Biometrics for on-the-move identity verification

12:10 Peter Eisert

D4FLY: Face morphing and PAD for enhanced biometric systems in D4FLY

Fraunhofer HHI
12:30 Pantelis Velanas
Mpampis Chatzimallis

METICOS: A Platform for monitoring and prediction of social impact and acceptability of Modern border control technology

Session Sponsors I: IN Groupe - Chair: Dinusha Frings

Sponsor presentation


Lunch Break

Session ITNs I: PRIMA, RHUMBO - Chair: Javier Galbally
14:30 Giuseppe Stragapede

PRIMA: Biometrics in Human-Computer Interaction

Universidad Autónoma Madrid
14:46 Paula Delgado-Santos

PRIMA: Privacy-preserving Data Transformation of Sensitive Attributes

University of Kent
14:58 Jan Czarnocki

PRIMA: Biometric Data Protection, Personal Autonomy, and Purpose Limitation Principle

KU Leuven

RHUMBO: Presentation


Communication break

Session ITNs II: TReSPAsS - Chair: Alexander Nouak
16:00 Mathias Ibsen

TReSPAsS: Face Manipulation in Biometric Systems

Hochschule Darmstadt
16:15 Margaret Warthon

TReSPAsS: On the interplay between data protection law and the Proposal of Regulation on Artificial Intelligence: What is new for biometric data processing and ADM?

University of Groningen
16:30 Alex Unnervik

TReSPAsS: An introduction to backdoor attacks in DCNNs and their application to Face Recognition

Idiap Research Institute
16:45 Pietro Melzi

TReSPAsS: Privacy Enhancement in Biometrics

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

End of Day 2

Wednesday, 15 September 2021

Session new projects I: CyberSec4Europe, mGov4EU, VIZTA - Chair: Javier Galbally
09:00 Kai Rannenberg

CyberSec4Europe: Aiming to safeguard European values through excellence in cybersecurity

Goethe University Frankfurt
09:20 Rachelle Sellung

mGov4EU: Mobile Cross-Border Government Services for Europe

Fraunhofer IAO
09:40 Claude Bauzou

VIZTA: Embedded 3D face recognition in the stacked layer of a ToF sensor

10:00 David Wright

CC-DRIVER and LEA cluster

Trilateral Research

Communication break

Session new projects II: ITFLOWS, DARLENE - Chair: Fernando Alonso
10:40 Georgios Stavropoulos

ITFLOWS: Initial EuMigraTool presentation

Centre for Research and Technology Hellas
11:00 Nikolaos Dimitroy


Centre for Research and Technology Hellas
11:20 Rami Qahwaji

eBORDER: Opportunities, Challenges and Developments

University of Bradford

Communication break

Session SMEs I: Zwipe, YooniK - Chair: Alexander Nouak
12:00 Robert Mueller

ZWIPE: Technology platform for biometric payment cards

12:20 Pedro Torres

YooniK: Face Authentication on Any Device

12:40 Manuel Fraile
Alex Vea

SMOWL: Image analysis applied in online learning


Lunch Break

Session Sponsors II: secunet - Chair: Dinusha Frings
14:00 Christian Rathgeb

Biometric research at secunet

secunet Security Networks AG
Round Table
14:30 Farzin Deravi
Marta Gomez-Barrero

Facilitating Free Travel in the Schengen Area Using Biometric Technologies

  • Els Kindt (KU Leuven)
  • Ekaterina Komleva (Vision-Box)
  • Gian Luca Marcialis (University of Cagliari)
  • Uwe Seidel (Bundeskriminalamt)
  • Emmanuel Wang (IDEMIA)
University of Kent
Hochschule Ansbach
16:00 Javier Galbally
Alexander Nouak

Conference Closing


End of Conference


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