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Aruba Happy Flow™ wins Radiant Pioneer Award

The pioneering solution that has shaken the Aviation and Border Control industries in 2015 with a revolutionizing view of a passenger’s journey across the airport has collected one more relevant distinction, this time in Asia: the Radiant eID Awards.

Lisbon, December 23, 2015– The newly launched initiative by ASPCA (Asia Pacific Smart Card Association), the Radiant eID Awards, recognizes excellence in planning, design, implementation and operation of national electronic identity schemes, applications and services. Aruba Happy Flow™ won one of the four categories, “The Radiant Pioneer Award” category, having been recognized by the jury as the most “pioneering use and application of smart technology” in a public sector identity scheme in 2015.

This unprecedented multi-stakeholder initiative, launched last May by Vision-Box™ and the Aruba Happy Flow™ working group (composed of the Aruba Government, the Aruba Queen Beatrix International Airport, Schiphol Airport, the Dutch Government and KLM), has in fact turned into a world reference, having revolutionized the way Airport Operations and Passenger Experience are perceived.

This was the first ever 100% self-service journey across the airport, offering innovative biometric common-use touch-points for passengers and a powerful pervasive orchestration platform. This combination means a radically simplified passenger flow-control process, more secure and agile passenger identification, privacy-responsible data sharing, boosted efficiencies and even more revenue for airlines and airports. Simultaneously, “happy airports” offer passengers an empowering experience, where they can manage their own journey across the airport with autonomy, convenience and free time for leisure and shopping.


Pedro Pinto and Lawrence Ng received the Radiant Award on behalf of the Aruba Happy Flow™ Working Group, from the hands of Greg Pote, Chairman of the Asia Pacific Smart Card Association (APSCA)

Pedro Pinto and Lawrence Ng, Vision-Box™ Business Development Managers proudly received the award on behalf of the Aruba Happy Flow working group at The Radiant Awards Ceremony, held on December 1st, the second day of 11th Government Forum on Electronic Identity, APSCA’s annual event, where Vision-Box™ was one of the main exhibitors.

«Happy Flow™ has itself been an incredible journey! The whole Aviation industry has recognized this landmark initiative and Governments, Airports and Airlines have been engaging enormously since the Happy Flow™ launch in Aruba, even in Asia! They have clearly understood that Happy Flow™ will effectively change airports for the better and especially people’s lives!», Pedro Pinto said.

Looking at the future, while the 2-year Aruba Happy Flow™ project will continue to process happy passengers (it was already used by more than 6,000 passengers from 28 different countries in 6 months), the tendency seems to be a massive adoption, in an onward journey to establish Happy Flow™ as an industry standard!