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BioSSL brings its biometric platform to the Philippines


Safer PH Innovations, Inc, a Philippine based company signed an Agency agreement with BioSSL Ltd.

Col. Lindsey Rex Sagge PN(M), former Marines Corps Officer, founder and owner of Safer PH Innovations, has a vast experience in all layers of security.

Safer PH presents BioSSL which secures MABIS, the mobile identification application of QiSQi Identification Solutions.

Safer PH Innovations is proposing the use of MABIS for its COMS rugged handheld devices and working closely with the Government for its upcoming National ID System program, where BioSSL has a perfect fit in eGovernment applications.

About Safer PH Innovations
Safer PH innovations, Inc started as an advocacy to help make the Philippines a safer place to live. It was founded by a group of innovators, patriots, former public servants and warfighters to help save the lives of government troops and civilians. Through systems integration of local concepts with foreign technologies, strategy-based experimentation with stakeholders and joint development with local and international business partners, Safer PH can offer cost-efficient and custom battlespace, anti-crime and security solutions designed for the Philippine operational setting.

About BioSSL
BioSSL is an advanced biometric platform which secures online financial, confidential document transactions and other high-risk web based environments.
BioSSL is an ‘Omni' channel solution for banks, financial institutions, security applications, eCommerce and eGovernment.
The desktop and mobile applications integrate smoothly into existing applications.
BioSSL is launching an ICO with Yobi, a unique biometric blockchain security ecosystem.