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BSI confirms high image quality of LIVETOUCH QUATTRO

JENETRIC has been awarded the certificate of the German Federal Office for Information Security for the LIVETOUCH QUATTRO, a new generation of fingerprint scanners based on optical TFT technology.

The image quality of the tenprint scanner from German biometrics company JENETRIC meets the highest requirements. This is now officially certified by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). As a manufacturer-independent entity the BSI tested and certified the image quality of the LIVETOUCH QUATTRO in accordance with the strict Technical Guideline TR-03121 for biometrics in sovereign applications.

This is an important signal for public administrations. A standardized and consistently high image quality is a prerequisite for the sovereign capture and comparison of fingerprints, for example, by registration offices, the police or foreign ministries.

Roberto Wolfer, CEO of JENETRIC, emphasizes: "JENETRIC pursues a clear goal: the highest image quality combined with the simplest operation of fingerprint scanners. After our fingerprint scanner was the first device based on the innovative optical TFT technology to be certified by the FBI in 2015, we are pleased the BSI has further confirmed the high image quality of the new technology."

The LIVETOUCH QUATTRO is so far the only fingerprint scanner with optical TFT technology, which has been certified by the BSI. This guarantees the captured fingerprints meet the high quality standards of the authorities. Highest quality has been an important parameter in the development of JENETRIC products right from the very beginning. In conjunction with an operation that requires no assistance from civil servants, the devices are predestined for the use in the authorities: They facilitate the work of the officers and guide the user through the capture process without compromising on fingerprint quality.

In addition to the BSI-certified LIVETOUCH QUATTRO, JENETRIC also offers modules and mobile products based on the innovative capture technology, for which the certification by the BSI is also strived for.