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CALL FOR PAPERS: Keesing Journal of Documents & Identity

We are inviting industry experts and scholars to submit your abstract or manuscript for 2014!

Keesing Journal of Documents & Identity, the authoritative publication on developments and trends in the field of security documents, security printing, banknotes and identity management. With its mix of up-to-date news and in-depth articles, it is the specialist journal for the security document industry.

We welcome your paper for review in the following fields:

-Case study
-Practical experience
-State and legislation
-Recently launched

Submission specifications:
-Abstract: approx. 200 words
-Manuscript: approx. 1800 words
-Full contact details including telephone number and email address

Submission deadlines:
• 01-04-2014
• 01-08-2014
• 01-10-2014

Feel free to visit our website for further information on https://keesingreferencesystems.com/products/keesing_journal_issue_41
Or contact me via email or telephone number below.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Conny Kreinz-Lay
Final Editor, Keesing Journal of Documents & Identity

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