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China to Replace the U.S. as the World's Largest HLS & Public Safety Market

"China Homeland Security & Public Safety Market - 2012-2020" Report

The last three decades of dramatic economic growth in China have bred social tensions, ethnic frictions and domestic terror, leading the central government to invest "whatever it takes" to defend the economic-social-political fabric of the country.

Based on the detailed China's "12th Five-Year Plan (2011-2015)" documents and HSRC research, the new "China Homeland Security & Public Safety Market - 2012-2020" report reveals that:

  • In 2011, foreign-based companies supplied $20.3 billion worth of premium HLS & public safety products and services.
  • By 2014, China's homeland security & public safety market will replace the U.S.'s, to become the world's largest national homeland security & public safety market.
  • The Chinese aviation security market is booming: 2 out of 3 new airports built worldwide are in China.
  • The country's public transportation system, the world's largest, is poised to undergo a multibillion-dollar security upgrade.
  • While the U.S. embargo on military equipment and technologies export to China limits the export of defense products to this country, the U.S. government (including the State Department and the Department of Commerce), encourages the export of American HLS & public safety products and technologies to China.
  • Foreign-based companies currently active in China's HLS & public safety market include: IBM China, FLIR, GE Security Asia, Honeywell Security Group, Tyco Fire & Security, Panasonic, Samsung Electronics, Siemens, Bosch Security, Sony, Sikorsky, Honeywell and EADS.
  • China's smart video surveillance market, the world's largest, is dominated by foreign companies.

China vs. the U.S. HLS & Public Safety Market [$B] 2007-2020

This report includes both the homeland security and the public safety markets, given that in many cases products have HLS and public safety dual-use applications and present the same business opportunities.
For example:
A. The bio terror mitigation infrastructure is also used to contain pandemic disease outbreaks.
B. First responders' systems and equipment are used to respond to both manmade disasters such as terror events (HLS), and natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes (public safety).

With 465 pages, 334 tables and figures, the report offers for each of its 44 sub-markets 2010-2011 market data and analysis, as well as 2012-2020 forecasts and analysis. The report is the first and only comprehensive review of the People's Republic of China's Homeland Security & Public Safety market available today.

The report includes:

1. 2010-2011 market and 2012-2020 market forecast and business opportunities by application such as:
Safe Cities, Critical Infrastructure Security, Aviation Security, Public Events Security, Maritime Security, Mass Transportation Security, Land Border Security, First Responders.

2. 2010-2011 market and 2012-2020 market forecast and business opportunities by technology such as:

Smart Video Surveillance Systems, Explosives & Contraband Detection, Bio-Terror & Disease Outbreak Mitigation, People Security Screening, Perimeter Security Systems, Biometric ID, CCTV Surveillance, Information & Communication Technology, Cyber Security, Command, Control & Communication Systems, Natural & Manmade Disaster Rescue & Recovery Equipment, Communication Equipment.

3. Foreign-based companies market share for each sub-market

4. Competitive environment:
More than 70 leading foreign and local vendors' profiles, products and contact information.

5. Market analysis:
 e.g., market drivers & inhibitors, SWOT analysis and competitive analysis.

6. Business environment:
 The report comprises 3 guides aimed at foreign-based companies
     I. Protecting intellectual property in China.
     II. Doing HLS & public safety business in China by foreign companies.
     III. Contact informationion of local entities for foreign importers to China of HLS & public safety products.

7. Business opportunities and challenges for each sub-market

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