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Counter Terror Expo 2014 to incorporate five new featured zones to reflect the evolving security threat


Counter Terror Expo has grown year-on-year to become the largest international counter terrorism and security event of its kind. CTX 2013 saw a 9% increase in the number of attendees to the show and that pattern of growth is expected to continue into 2014 when some 9500+ visitors, 400+ exhibitors and 350+ VIP and international delegations are expected to attend.

Key to the success of Counter Terror Expo has been the event's responsiveness to the ever evolving nature of terrorism. Last year, the Counter Terror Expo organisers, Clarion Events, introduced new Feature Zones to the exhibition in order to highlight the best products, systems and solutions available to meet emerging threats in specific areas of the counter terrorism and security arena. For 2014, to reflect the evolving international security threat, five new zones are being added.

Border Security Zone and Access Control Zone

In response to the increasing pressures on international borders and the growing risks to large-scale sensitive sites, this zone will feature the very latest developments, from new physical infrastructure components to the most advanced biometric, screening and scanning technologies.

Integrated Security in Action

The integration of technology allows for a more complete picture of security breaches, incidents and disturbances, enabling law enforcement agencies and security teams to modify their responses in line with changing security needs. This zone will feature the latest range of CCTV, access control, perimeter protection and control room security technology as well as providing an interactive educational and technology showcase demonstrating integrated security platforms in action.

Secure Communications and Cyber Terrorism Zone

This zone will showcase all the latest technology that has been adopted by Homeland Security and Law Enforcement teams to ensure the integration of cyber terrorism prevention activities in response to the increasing threat to nations, organisations and the public.

Unmanned Vehicles Zone

Reflecting the increasing use of unmanned vehicles for intelligence gathering and to achieve safe and cost-effective access to remote locations and hazardous areas, this zone will feature displays from a range of both new and established manufacturers of ground and air vehicles.

Small Arms Zone

The role that small arms play in helping Special Forces and Special Operations to prevent acts of extreme violence or terrorism from escalating further is absolutely crucial. This zone will showcase the latest prototypes of the weapons being developed by international suppliers as well as the small arms tactics and techniques that are being adopted to help fight terrorism.

CTX 2014 will also see a free to attend workshop programme on the show floor, with sessions focussing on New Products, Innovations, Standards and Industry Engagement.

The popular IEDD Demo Area is set to return with 5 new scenarios which will touch upon civilian and field based operations, CBRN, and a Vehicle Bourne IED car clearance which will all link in police and military teams, both pre and during the operation, and then post operations forensic analyisis.

CTX 2014 will also hold an extensive multi-stream conference, with high level keynotes featuring within its Global Counter Terrorism conference.

Philip Hunter, Event Director, Clarion Defence & Security commented: "The recent events in Kenya and news of the latest terrorism-related arrests in the UK have shown yet again how the threat from terrorism is not only ever-present but ever-changing. Counter Terror Expo 2014 has been carefully planned to ensure that we continue to respond to the evolving needs of all sections of the counter-terrorism and security community."

Counter Terror Expo 2014 will bring together leading experts from Government, the Military, the Intelligence and Security Services, the Police and the Emergency Services as well as the developers and manufacturers of the very latest counter terrorism and security products, systems and services.
CTX 2014 is a secure event and all visitors must pre-register in advance to have their attendance approved at www.counterterrorexpo.com

CTX 2014 will be co-located with Forensics Europe Expo and Ambition – The Dedicated UK Ambulance and Pre-Hospital Care Exhibition and Conference. CTX 2014 visitors will be able to visit all 3 shows with their CTX 2014 badge.