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Crypto transactions with digital ID | Belize announces new passport | 'SeyID' Project


November 1st, 2022


Identity Week



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Sponsorship opportunities – ID Week Europe 2023

ID Week Europe expo

Identity Week Europe presents outstanding sponsorship and exhibition opportunities for world-class solution providers to elevate their identity success with technologies that have an applicational use. This is the place to do business with the mass population of the identity industry.

In 2023, our flagship event will be moving to the RAI Exhibition Centre in Amsterdam in light of an uptrend in attendees and growing interest in the event. Situated in the heart of Europe with..

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Financial control? Turkey connects digital currency with digital ID

Turkey crypto

In the age of digitalisation, cryptocurrency represents the latest innovation to deliver transactional freedom making cross-border payments quicker, more secure and digital. However, a disadvantage of crypto is highlighted by the reports that Turkey is planning to tie digital currency with the government-approved digital identity system, which would control what customers can spend against their digital identity.

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JP Morgan ventures further into Metaverse, crypto transactions with digital identity

J P Morgan

Investment banking firm, JP Morgan is looking to launch a single digital identity to enhance trusted ways of allowing users to navigate virtual domains like Metaverse and the next World Wide Web, Web3. Digital interactions such as using cryptocurrency require as much protection against identity fraud as exchanging physical assets.


The creation of a digital identity would give users autonomy over securing their identity and trading..

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Belize announces new secure passport

belize passport

A new e-passport and application process is being passed in Belize, where the government, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade, and Immigration met last week for the official launch ceremony.

Belize’s issuance and control system is being revised in the changes along with a new passport design.

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September 2022 HID Global Banner

The Government of Seychelles launches the ‘SeyID’ Project

Digital Seychelles

The SeyID platform empowers key initiatives in Seychelles for eGovernment and will be made available for applications in private sector, such as eBanking.


The Government of Seychelles announced today the launch of the SeyID Platform, developed by WISeKey International Holding, a leading cybersecurity company. The project delivers a new Digital Identity platform, named “SeyID”, that is linked with different national initiatives covering eGovernment, eTourism and eHealth.

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Diane Sabatino, U.S. Customs and Border Control

U.S. customs and border control

2022 served up the best edition of Identity Week Europe to date, featuring many top-class speakers and experts specialising in digital identity, biometric technologies and physical security documents.

The keynote theatre fell silent with an attentive room full of attendees as Diane Sabatino, from the U.S. Customs and Border Control took to the stage to explain the ongoing deployment of biometric border control systems at ports of entry across the U.S., an undertaking that began in..

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