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E-Signing encapsulating automatic Data capturing from Passport, ID-Card and Bank-Card

We are pleased to introducing best-of-breed E-Signing device from our Partner TazTag, encapsulating automatic data capturing from passports, ID-cards and Bank-cards.

Click for a video illustration!

For an insight on our SignDoc platform for the Front-office, Mobile On-boarding & Web portal self-services please go to: SOFTPRO‘s E-Signing value proposition

SignDoc, the unrivalled eSigning platform for Front-office, Mobile & Web portal self-services, features:

  •          One single platform / various  Operations: Branch, Mobile On-boarding and Web-Portal
  •          Multi capturing devices support: Wacom devices, Tablet-PC’s, BYOD, Smartphones
  •          Cross platforms: Server: Linux & Windows. Client: iOS, Android, Citrix, Windows 8 & Windows RT
  •          Security:  Biometric signature plus hashing.  E-Forms do not need to leave the secured environment
  •          Several means of eSigning: Biometric handwritten signature, Photograph, Click-to-sign
  •          Binding auxiliary documents: Scan function for built-in camera or externally connected Scanner.
  •          Integration with Share Point/Web technologies: Plug-Ins into end-customer’s DMS available

Feel free to soliciting us for further details on how we can help you implementing truly paperless E-Signing Signature enabled processes, fitting your individual requirements.