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id3 fingerprint algorithms ranked #2 and #3 in NIST - MINEX tests

id3 Technologies is proud to announce its algorithms have been ranked #2 and #3 by NIST-controlled “MINEX Ongoing” tests that measure performance and interoperability of fingerprint algorithms.

GRENOBLE, France, September 17, 2012 – id3 Technologies has been ranked #2 and #3 by MINEX Ongoing tests, a performance demonstrating the high performance level of id3 fingerprint matching algorithms.
Under the control of NIST (US National Institute of Standards and Technology), MINEX Ongoing tests cover the two parts of fingerprint testing:
  • Template generator” is the algorithm that converts a fingerprint image into fingerprint minutiae data that can be stored in a smart card or on a database,
  • Template matcher” is the algorithm that compares stored fingerprint minutiae data with a new fingerprint presented on a scanner.
Fingerprints are stored according to the ANSI-INCITS 378 standard format allowing automatic recognition and interoperability. Typically tests measure the level of matching, false acceptation, and false rejection, on a wide sample of fingerprints.
This ranking shows the outstanding performance of id3 algorithms, which deliver a high level of accuracy, along with low false acceptation / false rejection rates. This way, companies who implement id3 algorithms can ensure their products will pass easily tests both for the US market, including FIPS-201 for PIV (the Federal Personal Identity Verification) program and for other markets as id3 algorithms follow the standardized (ISO/IEC 19794-2) interchange formats for finger minutiae.
“id3 ranking with MINEX Ongoing tests demonstrates the high level of performance delivered by our algorithms. This performance level is the result of our long-standing experience, and broad set of biometrics applications”, said Jean-Louis Revol, CEO and co-founder of id3 Technologies.
The results of Minex Ongoing tests can be seen on the organization website at www.nist.gov/itl/iad/ig/ominex_test-results.cfm and www.nist.gov/itl/iad/ig/ominex_test-results.cfm
About MINEX:
Run under the auspices of NIST (US National Institute of Standards and Technology), the Minutiae Interoperability Exchange Test (MINEX) is an ongoing evaluation of the INCITS 378 fingerprint template. The test program provides measurements of performance and interoperability of core template encoding and matching capabilities to users, vendors and interested parties, and establishes compliance for template encoders and matchers for the United States Government's Personal Identity Verification (PIV) program. The Ongoing MINEX program evaluates template encoding and matching software submitted to NIST in the form of an SDK library.
About id3 Technologies:
Based in Grenoble, France, id3 Technologies, has developed an array of products and services since 1990. id3 is recognized as one of the best experts in biometrics, and has already delivered more than 30 million licenses of its match on card algorithm. id3 Technologies employs more than 30 engineers, recognized for their high level of expertise in biometric algorithms, product development and systems integration. id3 expert knowledge covers all steps in a fingerprint verification chain: image acquisition, image treatment, and minutiae extraction. All id3 Technologies products, corresponding to each step are certified by NIST Minex, according to INCITS 378 and Minex II (evaluation of the accuracy and speed of match on card verification algorithms).
For id3 Technologies:

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