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KSI supported by bioLock™ Fraud Prevention Software designed for use with SAP®.

realtime North America, Inc. announces: Key Source International 1700-series secure keyboards with Lumidigm or digitalPersona fingerprint sensors, plus integrated readers for contactless smart cards are now supported by bioLock™ Fraud Prevention Software designed for use with SAP®.

TAMPA, Florida (June 12, 2013) – realtime North America Inc. announces a solution for password replacement in SAP® with the KSI-1700 line of keyboards, using industry-standard fingerprint sensors such as Lumidigm and digitalPersona (formerly AuthenTec or UPEK) built into the keyboards, plus integrated smart card readers for contactless smart cards from RF IDeas or HID. The biometric templates collected at the keyboard and stored on the smart card reader are processed by bioLock™ software from realtime North America Inc. The bioLock software is designed for use with SAP and assures robust identity management of users gaining access to SAP® while preventing fraud.

The bioLock™ software solution is the only biometric system certified by SAP®. It helps manage the identities of SAP® users from a biometric perspective and prevents insider fraud in areas such as inventory shrinkage, payroll time & attendance, point-of-sale, financial fraud or data loss. The bioLock™ system manages not just the log-on, but can enable re-authentication at granular levels within an SAP® system to achieve meaningful compliance and fraud prevention.

Philip Bruno, Senior VP Sales & Marketing at KSI believes that “the ability to use these keyboards to biometrically secure SAP® functionality puts us right in the global mission-critical enterprise market that our products are capable of delivering. This applies to many industry verticals including banking, finance, insurance, healthcare, public sector, retail and many more. This is an exciting opportunity for our distributors and resellers to create new enterprise solutions and open new customer relationships.”

According to Thomas Neudenberger, COO of realtime North America Inc., “the KSI keyboards are made to a very high standard and are ergonomically very pleasing. This combination of usability with state-of-the-art biometric fingerprint & smart card scanning allows us to strongly recommend this product as a certified companion to our bioLock Security Suite for SAP®.

About Key Source International

Key Source International is a global company with offices located in Oakland, California and has over 30 years of experience delivering high-end hardware and software technology solutions to Fortune 1000 companies and system integrators worldwide. From retail automation, banking, telecommunications, healthcare and patient privacy, KSI’s focus has always been enhancing the user experience, securing the desktop and meeting tough government regulations. Learn more at www.ksikeyboards.com.

About realtime North America, Inc.

Established in Europe 25 years ago by former senior SAP® managers, realtime is a certified SAP® Software partner specializing in biometric security and identity management software systems. Their bioLock™ software is the only biometric software system certified by SAP®. A wide variety of global corporations in many industry verticals, plus government entities are served by realtime software. Find out more at www.biolock.us.

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