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Opus Research Recognizes SpeechPro/STC as World Leader in Voice Biometrics Solutions

Opus Research, in its Voice Biometrics Vendor Survey, has recognized SpeechPro/STC as an international leader in speech processing technologies, voice and multi-factored biometrics.

Opus Research

US company Opus Research which makes analysis and expertise on voice services and conversational commerce has carried out market research on voice biometrics. In its recent report, Opus emphasizes the fact that SpeechPro/STC’s extensive portfolio of audio and speech processing software was developed by the company itself and did not result from R&D mergers. The company further highlights SpeechPro/STC’s achievements in building nation-wide biometric systems, such as those recently deployed in Latin America to help in the fight against crime.

In 2010, for example, SpeechPro/STC implemented the world’s first nation-wide voice identification system. This project created a new market, and two years later, SpeechPro/STC created and deployed a voice and face recognition system in Ecuador. The implementation of this two-factored biometric system was also a global first on a nation-wide scale.

«SpeechPro/STC’s core voice biometric engine has been incorporated in high-volume speaker identification implementations capable of handling millions of comparisons in very short order," said Dan Miller, senior analyst at Opus Research. «It is targeting high-end, complex implementations of caller authentication and is the only company to package voice and another factor (face recognition) in a pre-packaged user authentication solution.»

The products highlighted by Opus Research are part of SpeechPro/STC’s VoiceGrid™ product line for speaker identification. These applications are scalable and provide 1:N searches, supporting a database of up to 10,000 records and up to 10 workstations. VoiceGrid™ quickly identifies or eliminates speakers by matched ranking scored by percentage of probability. Voice matching is done using SpeechPro/STC’s exclusive processing, segmentation, feature extraction and voice recognition algorithms. SpeechPro/STC’s SmartTracker solution effectively combines face recognition-an additional biometrics factor for identification-with SpeechPro/STC’s voice algorithms.
SpeechPro/STC’s voice biometrics have been successfully applied in commercial markets, including banking, insurance and travel services via phone, mobile apps and the web. The newly released VoiceKey solution, a customized authentication system, is extremely flexible and can be used in various spheres. Clients can choose to include text-dependent and text independent voice verification, watch-list monitoring, face and voice biometrics, «live-ness» detection, mobile and cloud deliverables, and emotional state detection, among other features.

«The market for voice biometric solutions has matured significantly. People are ready for biometric solutions, whether for personal use or on a nation-wide basis," said Mikhail Khitrov, STC CEO. Alexey Khitrov, SpeechPro President, agreed, adding, «We’re seeing a growing demand for these kinds of tailored voice and multi-modal biometric solutions, not only in Latin America, but in the global marketplace.»

Opus Research also highlighted several factors that make SpeechPro/STC’s products stand apart from those of other companies. These include the firm’s broad technical capabilities across the board, in audio processing, recording and multimodal communications, its strength in forensics, its high-capacity applications in speaker identification and its ease and experience in supporting complex implementations.