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Prague airport further expands border control solution from secunet

[Essen/Prague, 20 July 2015] The Czech border police are expanding the EasyGO project at Prague's Václav Havel airport by an additional ten eGates. After successfully implementing the first automated border control gates since the end of 2011, secunet has won the follow-on order in conjunction with the Czech partner Vitkovice IT Solutions a.s. (VITSOL).

With their decision, the Czech border police have opted for a tried and tested system. The border control solution EasyGO, already declared IT project of the year 2012, will secure the external borders of the Schengen area in future. Since 15 July, six additional eGates are available in the arrivals area and from 20 July a further four will be in operation for passengers in the departures area of Prague airport. secunet will provide not only the "turnkey" easygates but also the entire infrastructure, including the Terminal Control Center, bioserver and the maintenance of ongoing operations for the next few years.

For several years, Prague airport has registered a surge in passenger numbers. The city is acclaimed worldwide, by tourists and business travellers alike. "By choosing the solution from VITSOL/secunet we will continue using a tried and tested system, allowing us to offer our international guests state-of-the-art technology and a high level of security. We are happy to base our systems on the German EasyPASS border control system, which has proven its worth with four million passenger crossings up to July 2015," reports Petr Malovec, Head of the National Border Situation Centre at the Czech Border Police.

Last year, secunet implemented the EasyPASS border control solution for the German federal police at the major German airports, in conjunction with its consortium partner Bundesdruckerei. Dr Rainer Baumgart had the following comment on the new contract in the Czech Republic: "Our experience from many projects and the cooperation with excellent partners contributes to the constant further development of our products. This is an important success factor, which also gains us high recognition internationally, for example in a recent pilot project at Milan's Malpensa airport."

About secunet
secunet is one of the leading German providers of high-quality IT security. Over 340 experts work in the areas of cryptography, e-government, business security and automotive security, and develop innovative products in these fields in addition to highly secure and reliable solutions. Many DAX companies as well as numerous authorities and organisations are among secunet's national and international customers, which total over 500. secunet is IT security partner of the Federal Republic of Germany and partner in the Alliance for Cyber Security.
secunet was founded in 1997 and achieved sales of EUR 82.2 million in 2014. secunet Security Networks AG is listed on the Prime Standard of the German Stock Exchange

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