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Sonavation Announces Break-Through with Ultrasound Fingerprint Biometric Touch Sensor Under Glass For Mobile and IoT Devices

Compatible with Corning® Gorilla® Glass, the Company’s Unprecedented Innovation Significantly Advances Secure Authentication Experience

PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL – July 21, 2015 – Sonavation, a pioneer in ultrasound biometric technology in identification and authentication for digital security and other applications, today announced it has reached an industry milestone by successfully developing and bonding an ultrasound biometric sensor which is compatible with Corning® Gorilla® Glass, providing a high resolution 3D fingerprint image. Corning® Gorilla® Glass is utilized on nearly four billion devices and used by more than 40 major brands worldwide.

This dramatic advancement in authentication technology will allow manufacturers to seamlessly integrate a 3D ultrasound biometric sensor into a smartphone or IoT device making it capable of capturing fingerprint data into the ridges and valleys. This provides a level of identification and authentication security that up until this time has not been possible.  Sonavation will exclusively provide a biometric security solution platform that allows authentication despite moisture, dirt or oil that might be present on a user’s fingerprint to deliver a unique, high fidelity acoustic fingerprint signature.

Karl Weintz, Sonavation Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, commented: “In today’s world of digital integration into so many aspects of our lives, biometric security is now a critical necessity and a constantly evolving discipline. As the first known company to develop and successfully achieve 3D fingerprint directly bonded under 400 micron thick under glass, we are making a revolutionary change and lasting mark on the industry. This is the same cover glass shipping in top mobile handsets today. Consumers and enterprises are relying on mobile devices more than ever before, and our advancement provides new, more cost effective and secure options for manufacturers. Touch-under-glass also means eliminating the expensive process of cutting a hole in the glass. Those looking to deliver secure solutions can now ensure biometrics are a natural extension of the user experience and make the necessary moves towards a new frontier of authentication options.”

Dr. Rainer Schmitt, Sonavation Chief Technology Officer, added: “Sonavation’s ultrasound fingerprint sensor design is well suited for through the glass fingerprinting and specifically architected to deliver advanced security and ease-of-integration into mobile and IoT devices. With this break-through, we can now provide value-added biometric solutions that are more manufacturable, secure and accurate than today’s capacitive options and allow for practical use in a vast range of biometric applications.”

Sonavation Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Karl Weintz announced this latest advancement in biometric security today while delivering an address on “State of the Art Authentication for a Safer Mobile Internet” at the 14th China Internet Conference (CIC) in Beijing, China. The audience of Chinese Government Ministers, renowned Academicians, leading China Internet Entrepreneurs and top company leaders within China’s mobile and internet industry were attending the conference whose theme, “Industrial Convergence, Interconnected and Share by All – to Explore Internet Economy New Normal and Look Ahead the Next Five Years,” focused on the convergence of the Internet and traditional industries in China.

Gorilla® Glass is a product of Corning® Incorporated, one of the world’s leading innovators in materials science. Sonavation is a separate company and not affiliated with Corning.

About Sonavation

The Sonavation product line is designed to provide secure authentication and protection for digital and physical environments for consumers and businesses. Solutions include both embedded and stand-alone device offerings designed to protect physical access as well as online systems, including: eCommerce, financial services, health data and other sensitive applications.

Sonavation designs and manufactures the industry’s leading biometric fingerprint sensors, utilizing ultrasound. Its 3D surface scan and sub-surface technology is protected by 41 awarded patents from over 70 additional patents applications filed, many of which are pending internationally, making it the world’s smallest low-power ultrasound sensor. Headquartered in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., Sonavation is committed to “Empowering Trust, Delivering Peace of Mind.” For more information, please visit www.sonavation.com.