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The first 100% self-service passenger flow system unveiled!

Aruba’s Queen Beatrix International Airport is the first airport in the world to provide a 100% self-service passenger experience. Today, the airport was in the spotlight of the Aviation world, inaugurating Happy Flow™, the revolutionary Airport platform developed by Vision-Box, in collaboration with the Aruba QBI Airport, the Aruba Government, Schiphol Airport, the Dutch Government and KLM.

Aruba, May 28, 2015Secure, quick, easy: this is Happy Flow™, thefirst100% self-service way for passengers to cross the airport, from the curb to boarding the aircraft. Up and running at Aruba’s Queen Beatrix International Airport and tested by the first happy passengers, the solution was unveiled today at the much anticipated launch ceremony.

Presided over by Aruba’s Prime Minister Mike Eman, and attended by the working group that made Happy Flow™ possible, including Aruba Airport Authority N.V., the Aruba Government, the Dutch Government, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Authority, KLM officials, and Vision-Box representatives, the unveiling brought together all the major contributors of the Happy Flow™ accompanied by high level ranked representatives from different Government and Aviation organizations.

Vision-Box, the company selected after a rigorous tender process to deliver this cutting-edge solution and put the 2-year pilot program in place, believes that this unique and life-changing initiative will revolutionize the synergy between passengers and airports. Miguel Leitmann, Senior Vice-President of Vision-Box, said, “Having initially accepted the challenge in 2013, Vision-Box is truly proud of the inauguration of the first 100% self-service passenger flow based on passenger-centric biometric technology. This amazing pilot, result of an exceptional collaborative effort, represents the onset of a new era in the Aviation Industry,reshaping the future of identification processesandpassenger experience not only in airports, but at borders around the world”.

Happy Flow™ has two clear goals as a pilot: a) Evaluate the first pre-clearance border control process, travelling from Aruba to the EU-Schengen space, and b) to streamline passenger processing by substantially improving the travel experience, in a visionary way.

The concept easily resembles a futuristic scene from a sci-fi movie, but Vision-Box has turned what may seem fantasy into reality, as participants in the opening ceremony experienced an unparalleled journey first-hand. Throughout their airport progression, passengers have to show their passport only once at check-in, afterwards moving swiftly through the airport, simply looking at a face camera smoothly embedded in the different self-service passenger touch-points that recognize their facial features on the fly.

Replacing outdated clearance procedures traditionally performed by border and airport agents, facebiometric authentication at self-service touch-pointsis the main identification tokenthroughout the passenger journey: no waiting in lines, no burdensome identity verification processes,promisinga secure, quick, easy and happy journey all the way to boarding!

Aruba Happy Flow

Aruba Happy Flow™: a passenger-centric approach revolutionizing the airport ecosystem

Happy Flow™ is an extremely innovative and important step in the transportation industry for passengers, not only for Aruba but worldwide. Aruba is very proud to launch this unique concept by bringing together public and private parties. Happy Flow™ is another milestone in creating a sustainable knowledge economy in Aruba and fortifying the development of Aruba as a hub.” said Jos Nijhuis, president & CEO of the Schiphol Group.

The uniqueness of this initiative is based on the implementation of the most innovative self-service biometric touch-points available to the traveler and on a comprehensive, holistic approach to passenger processing. Vision-Box’s unified border management software suite, the vb i-shield, is a powerful and modular platform created under the principles of Privacy by Design. The new framework delivers a groundbreaking orchestration engine focused on optimization of all passenger handling operations directing flow management, thus combining all the complex, security-critical Border Control and Common Use solutions into a comprehensive set of intelligent layers, where data can be shared among the different stakeholders in a privacy responsible manner.

The pre-clearance initiative between Aruba and The Netherlands also represents a significant step towards a broad-based legal vehicle for cooperation between countries to exchange intelligence and improve security. The aim is to ensure that a passenger departing from Aruba and intending to enter the EU-Schengen space is pre-cleared before take-off, meaning that if a passenger is not cleared to enter the EU or is unable to fly because of other safety concerns, the appropriate measures can be immediately triggered and the respective authorities notified anticipatively.

At the end of the day, it is up to passengers to decide if they want to take advantage of Happy Flow™. However, it seems inevitable that an airport, without waiting lines and a stressful environment, is definitely catering to their customers’ comfort, offering a much happier journey and a stunning, stylish experience for passengers, leaving time to discover the modern amenities offered at airports in a relaxed, family-friendly, and happy atmosphere!