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Transport Security Expo announces line-up of innovative new features

World-class annual event delivers an expanded programme of fresh thinking in the transportation security arena.

London, 26 April 2013 – Transport Security Expo, the globally renowned exhibition and conference event specifically developed to address challenges within the transportation security arena and identify solutions to them, has announced a series of exciting new features bringing focus to current and emerging issues and delivering valuable opportunities to engage with potential industry customers worldwide.

“We marked two significant milestones last year. Firstly, we celebrated our tenth anniversary year and secondly recorded the highest ever attendance figures across both the exhibition and its associated conference,” commented Chief Executive Peter Jones. “These two facts indicate that many challenges in the aviation, maritime, public transport and supply chain environs remain and has spurred our outreach and informed our thinking as we prepare for this year’s event.”

Security incidents across the globe continue to confound the industry. The aviation world has witnessed numerous perimeter security breaches over the past year including a multi million-dollar airside diamond heist, prompting calls for much more robust defences around the extended perimeter of airports. The maritime sector witnessed a decrease in acts of piracy on the high seas but nevertheless still recorded a worrying number of ship hijackings and boarding’s as well as crew hostage taking and killing. The supply chain continued to be bedeviled by high value cargo theft with the number of incidents rising significantly.

Transport Security Expo’s world-class exhibition is supported by an extensive conference and workshop programme which brings leading experts from government, military, law enforcement and the security services face to face with the aviation, maritime and public transport industries annually. This gathering has a well-deserved reputation for delivering original thought from key leaders within the transportation arena. It also serves as a must attend event amongst those seeking to transform concepts into operationally viable solutions.

Innovative new exhibition features this year include:

  • VIP International Airport Programme. Hosted and chaired by Ian Hutcheson, former Head of Security at BAA plc, this brings key personnel from 20 of the world’s leading airports together, to meet potential suppliers of appropriate hardware solutions.
  • ADS Pavilion. ADS is the premier trade organisation advancing UK Aerospace, Defence, Security and Space industries interests globally. The organization represents 2600 companies within these fields and has an international presence in France and India with new offices planned in China and the Middle East. ADS will host its own Pavilion with special member benefits.
  • The Perimeter Security Suppliers Association (PSSA) will also host its own Pavilion. The organisation brings together the UK's leading suppliers involved in protecting critical infrastructure such as airports, ports and oil and gas terminals) against potential threats.
  • An introduction the Intelligent Hub, which is a highly interactive live demonstration, delivering hands-on experience of command & control and active cyber security operations, amongst mass transportation networks.
  • Meet The Buyer. This highly successful programme was first introduced last year and will be significantly expanded at the forthcoming event. This unique feature removes the hit and miss approach and guarantees face-to-face meetings with high value buyers.
  • Seven international delegations visited the 2012 conference and exhibition and this is expected to increase as Transport Security Expo gears up for its 2013 event, with invitations to delegations from China, Japan, India, Germany, Central/North Africa, the Middle East and the USA amongst others.

New event début

Transport Security Expo is also pleased to welcome the launch of the co-located and analogous Transport Safety Expo.

This new and entirely separate event has a clear focus on the very many safety related concerns faced by the transportation industries globally and features it’s own dedicated exhibition, together with a conference and workshops.

“Safety has always been of paramount concern within the transport world yet we witness terrible accidents which result in substantial loss of life each year. Transport Safety Expo is intended to act as forum where lessons learned can guide original thought and help bring about a much safer travelling environment,” concludes Peter Jones.

More people than ever are travelling by air, sea and land based public transportation, but numerous major incidents have cast a long shadow over these networks, prompting calls for a re-evaluation of adopted safety practices in certain sectors.

Statistics for the past year reveal that 13 commercial passenger and freight aircraft crashed, 48 major rail accidents were recorded and 63 ships sank, foundered or grounded worldwide.


Editorial Note

Transport Security Expo is the world leading annual event bringing professionals in the field together with specialists from government, the military, law enforcement and academia, to debate the issues faced and identify solutions to them.

Transport Safety Expo is a new and co-located event, which will deliver much needed clarity to the vexed question of to reduce the risk inherent in moving vast numbers of people about the globe annually and enhance the travelling experience.

Both of these events will be held at the prestigious Olympia Exhibition & Conference Centre in London from 13-14 November 2013.

More Information

A detailed outline of both events can be found at www.transec.com.