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Two of World's Busiest Airports Deploy Biometric Automated Passport Control Kiosks; Global Market to Grow 22% CAGR from 2014 - 2018

DENVER, May 12, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Earlier this month, Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson and Chicago O'Hare -- two of the world's busiest airports -- announced the introduction of biometric Automated Passport Control (APC) kiosks.

According to Maxine Most, Principal at Acuity Market Intelligence, "APC kiosks offer a cost effective and rapidly deployable means of reducing congestion at international arrivals. These announcements reflect a decisive global trend towards expediting international airport passengers through rapid adoption of automated border control technology."

Acuity Market Intelligence's latest research "The Global Automated Border Control Industry Report: Airport eGates and Kiosks" projects North American and European airports will drive a global APC Kiosk market of nearly 8,000 units and more than $550 million in revenues by 2018, reflecting a 22% CAGR over five years.

"Currently, less than 400 APC kiosks have been deployed in 13 airports in the US and Canada," says Most, a biometric identity and security technology expert.  "APC kiosk numbers will grow rapidly as they migrate globally to Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Though North America currently represents 100% of the APC Kiosk market, by 2018 Europe will dominate with 42% market share, while Asia at 24.4% will exceed North America at 16.6%."

APC kiosks enable international travellers to rapidly clear passport control by entering their own immigration information. Automating this process via self-service kiosks decreases international arrival wait times by as much as 80% for kiosks users and 50% for all passengers.

The first generation of APC kiosks did not include biometrics and were available only to US and Canadian passport holders. Biometric APC kiosks extend this service to international travelers from 38 visa-waiver countries including Australia, Japan, Germany and the United Kingdom.

For additional insight and detailed APC kiosk market forecasts, see Acuity Market Intelligence's "The Automated Border Control Industry Report: Airport eGates and Kiosks" at www.acuity-mi.com/ABCair_Report.php .

About Acuity Market Intelligence 
Acuity Market Intelligence (http://www.acuity-mi.com) is an emerging technology strategy and research consultancy with a proven record of accurately anticipating biometric, identity, and eID market trends. Acuity consistently provides original, thought-provoking, accurate, and reliable insight and analysis. Acuity's data-driven approach provides critical market intelligence clients need to create and implement successful market development strategies that produce quantifiable results.

SOURCE Acuity Market Intelligence