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Lisbon, May 10th 2012 – Vision-Box, a leader in biometrics solutions, announced the general availability of the first single sourced multimodal biometric ABC eGate.

vb i-matchBased on the fastest and thinnest ABC eGate ever produced, recently deployed at Schiphol (NL) airport, the 6th busiest Airport in the World by international passenger traffic. This new eGate fully supports iris, fingerprint and facial recognition biometrics. vb i-match is the first of its kind to be single sourced, designed while keeping in mind the traveler experience, and enabling validation of electronic ID documents in 100% of the cases.

vb i-match was designed to address one of the airport’s greatest challenges: variations in passenger flow. vb i-match can be adapted to business requirements and infrastructure constraints. Modular and flexible, vb i-match uses proven biometric technologies and enables a fast and positive experience for travelers, while coping with the industry standards such as ICAO.

According to Miguel Leitmann, Senior Vice President, “Vision-Box is again redesigning the industry standards by introducing a unique and modular ABC eGate that adapts to the border requirements by providing different levels of biometric identification and a complete obsession and focus on the traveler”.

Vision-Box will showcase its ground breaking solutions for border control and ID management at the upcoming Cards&Payment Middle East 2012, in Abu Dhabi, UAE, May 15-16, 2012.

About Vision-Box
Founded in 2001, Vision-Box is the leading provider of automated border control systems and electronic identity and passport related enrolment and verification kiosks, which use ICAO compliant standards. The product portfolio ranges from live biometric enrolment, document verification kiosks, digital document dispensers and personalization systems, passing through portable and hand held biometric units and ending with smart biometric ABC-gates. From the enrollment process, through the life cycle of a biometric document and until the verification process, all products can be linked together through a powerful IT-platform, Vision-Box’s transaction manager VB-iShield®, which enables the implementation of an advanced border management system, integrated with an advanced digital video management solution, intelligent biometric and biographic search engines and danger management functionalities.

For more information please visit www.vision-Box.com