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World BORDERPOL Congress 2013 Call for Papers closes 28th February


Dear Colleague

Welcome to the latest news update from the World BORDERPOL Congress 2013. We invite you to join us and the industry in London on 3rd & 4th December.


Call for Papers closes 28th February
Are you interested at speaking at the World BORDERPOL Congress?
The World BORDERPOL Congress Advisory Committee are currently inviting abstracts for consideration for inclusion in the conference. If you are interested, you are invited to submit your abstract by 28th February for consideration by the conference committee by submitting an abstract.
Click here for further details on how to submit your abstract...

World BORDERPOL Congress Workshops
As part of the evolving developments at the World BORDERPOL Congress, in conjunction with Border Force UK, there will additional workshops in the topics areas of:
- Lessons learned from Integrated Border Management
- Changing Patterns and Trends in Cross Border Crime
- Facilitation of Low Risk Travelers
- Difficulties in securing borders against organized crime and refugee movement
- Innovations and Future Technologies for Border Control
- Maritime and Port Security in the context of Border Control
For further details click here...

Securing our borders through upstream interventions
Simon Cooper, UK Border Agency’s Regional Assistant Director, will present a paper on the approach that the UK is taking working with source and transit countries law enforcement and immigration agencies to disrupt the organised immigration crime groups who profit from illegally smuggling migrants across Europe.
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Registration Now Open
Registration is now open for you to register your place at the 2nd World BORDERPOL Congress.
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For further information on Congress Delegate Fees click here...

Support confirmed from Biometrics Institute
The Biometrics Institute is an independent organisation providing an impartial forum for sharing knowledge and information about biometrics and has confirmed their support and endorsement of the World BORDERPOL Congress.

Support confirmed from ASD Europe
The AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe, ASD, represents the aeronautics, space, defence and security industries in Europe in all matters of common interest with the objective of promoting and supporting the competitive development of the sector, have confirmed their support and endorsement of the World BORDERPOL Congress.

Join the Exhibition
Technology will play an increasingly important role in delivering more efficient processes and enhancing security at the borders, the World BORDERPOL Congress exhibition will showcase of the latest technologies and capabilities in border protection and security.
Click here for details on exhibiting...
If you have any queries or would like to speak with a representative about exhibiting and sponsorship opportunities please contact: Paul Gloc, Exhibit Sales Manager - T: +44 (0) 7786 270820 or Email Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser.


US and Canada to begin biometric sharing
Canada and the United States are to start sharing fingerprints, names, photos, birthdays and nationalities of people applying for visas from next year. The name, date of birth and gender details will be shared automatically in 2013 and by 2014 other biometric details such as photos and fingerprints will be added to the system.
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Sir Charles Montgomery appointed new Director General of Border Force
Sir Charles Montgomery has been appointed as the new Director General of Border Force.
Sir Charles has enjoyed a distinguished career in the Royal Navy, attaining most recently the role of Vice Admiral – Second Sea Lord and Chief of Naval Personnel and Training.
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Breaking the gender barrier to guard the borders
six women, who were inducted into the Border Security Force (BSF) on Friday, have shattered more frontiers than their 179 fellow male inductees.
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Kenya beefs up Somali border security
Kenya deployed extra security on its border with Somalia as fighting between al Shabaab insurgents and government forces raged near its border.
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Europe-wide raids target people-smuggling network
Authorities believe they have disrupted a major people-smuggling network after carrying out dozens of co-ordinated raids in England, France and Belgium.
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Narcotics seized in bulk near Indo-Pak border
Border Security Force (BSF) seized over 288 kgs of heroin and fake currency Indian notes with a face value of Rs 46 lakh in 2012 along the Indo-Pak border in the state.
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Provisional deal on Serbia-Kosovo border in EU-mediated talks
Ivica Dacic, Serbia's prime minister, and Hashim Thaçi, prime minister of Kosovo, have reached a “provisional understanding” on the collection of customs duties at their border according to Catherine Ashton, the European Union's foreign policy chief.
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Nigeria may privatize land border patrol
Federal Government has said it is considering entering into private public partnership for border patrol across the land borders, the Minister of Interior Comrade Patrick Abba Moro announced.
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2nd World BORDERPOL Congress

Who is it for?

If you are from one of the following disciplines, then the World BORDERPOL Congress is an important event for you to attend, to help shape your industry, enhance agency cooperation and communication and to keep up to date with the latest and future technologies that will aid border protection and security agencies and forces:

Border police, immigration and border management and security policy makers and practitioners.

Senior representatives from national border services, police, customs, and immigration services, as well as organisations, services and suppliers to the border management and security industry, including:
 • Customs, immigration and border control officials
 • Coast guard officers
 • Police and law enforcement officers
 • Boundary commissioners
 • Diplomats and foreign affairs officials
 • Borderland planners and managers
 • Defence and security departments
 • Embassy and consular officials
 • Policy analysts
 • Security system providers

For further details on the conference click here...


Keep up to date: You can follow developments and keep up to date by joining us and BORDERPOL.


The BORDERPOL Exhibition

Exhibiting and Sponsorship Opportunities

The World BORDERPOL Congress Exhibition provides a unique opportunity to meet, discuss and communicate with some of the most influential border management, immigration and security policy makers and practitioners.

A limited number of opportunities exist to commercial organisations to be involved with the conference and exhibition and the opportunity to meet and gain maximum exposure to a key and influential audience.

For further details and how to exhibit at the exhibition click here...
Click here to download Exhibitor Prospectus (pdf)...

Click here to visit the event website www.borderpol-event.org

If you have any queries or would like to speak with a representative about exhibiting and sponsorship opportunities please contact:

Paul Gloc
Exhibit Sales Manager
T: +44 (0) 7786 270820
E: Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser.

Tony Kingham
T: +44 (0) 7827 297465
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Neil Walker, Events Director
T: +44 (0) 7725 318601
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Formation conseil en biométrie

Biometrie-Online.Net vous propose des actions de
Formation - Conseil sur mesure en intra.

Ces sessions permettent aux participants d'acquérir les bases de la biométrie, afin de comprendre les solutions biométriques mises en œuvre dans leur secteur d’activité.

Formation Conseil Biométrie Biométrique

À l’issue des actions de Formation - Conseil, les participants seront capables de :

  • Connaître le contexte, le marché, les enjeux, la place de la biométrie dans la sécurité et la gestion des identités.
  • Comprendre le fonctionnement des technologies biométriques, terminologie, avantages et limites.
  • Appliquer la règlementation.
  • Lister les problématiques du déploiement, propre à chaque type d’application.

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