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Your latest issue of Border Security Matters - the newsletter of BORDERPOL

Please find here your latest issue of Border Security Matters, the newsletter of BORDERPOL, the World Border Organization, delivering you agency and industry news from around the world.

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As the international association for the border policing and border management community, BORDERPOL aims to promote international borders that enhance human mobility whilst ensuring traveller safety and security and facilitate smart and secure border systems.

World BORDERPOL Congress - 3rd-4th December 2013, London, UK

Following the success of the 2nd World BORDERPOL Congress in December, hosted by Border Force UK, the event has demonstrated the on-going need for collaboration and communication between international agencies, to assist in the enhancement of border management and security. 

We are delighted to be following up with a Workshop in May in Budapest to continue this communication and sharing of experiences. Further details and report can be found in BSM.

Details can be found at www.borderpol-event.org.