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Biometric Smart Card by Card Tech

Card Tech, une entreprise italienne a lancé sa carte biométrique à l'exposition Cartes 2014 à Paris.

La carte intégre le capteur d'empreintes digitales, le stockage et l'algorithme de comparaison.


The worldwide-patented Fingerprint Biometric System-on-Card in standard Smart Card size is ready for the market

Project industrialisation completed,market introduction of the Smart Card, the credit card that is activated by a fingerprint instead of a PIN, has begun

The revolutionary Biometric Smart Card by Card Tech®, which features biometric System-On-Card, i.e. a complete system of fingerprint acquisition, storage and matching, is ready for mass production.

In a world in which the security of monetary transactions and communication privacy can be easily compromised, Card Tech®, an Italian company active in the research, development and communication of mobile devices dedicated to security, after years of R&D has completed the industrial engineering phase of the Smart Card project. A business intuition that has taken shape, thanks to the concurrent development of the latest and most modern technologies available, has required an investment of approximately 4 million euros and which, for the industrialisation process, has seen the involvement of an established global players in the production of electronic components.

"With industrialisation, we have completed the development of the Smart Card and reached the goal of its final validation – boasts Fabrizio Borracci, Chairman ofCard Tech®. – Design, prototyping and industrialisation have required a major effort: analyses, research, testing, changes and developments, year after year, prototype after prototype. Now - underlines Borracci - in addition to ensuring the perfect functioning of an innovative device in every aspect, we also guarantee efficient mass reproduction. It has been a challenge that we can claim to have met. The development potential is very large because there are numerous application fields and because the Smart Card is compatible with the existing infrastructure, indeed it works with any badge and payment card reader. We are ready at the starting blocks for market implementation with customised solutions".


Smart Card by Card Tech® integrates an advanced capacitive biometric sensor and has inside a biometric algorithm on a separate micro-controller that performs the functions of real-time reconstruction of the image and its comparison with the user's fingerprint. It has a match-on-card biometric controller for maximum security and privacy, which performs verification of the user's biometric data inside the device, without the need for external databases or other readers. The sensor, thin and flexible, is integrated with minimal dimensions in the 0.76 mm thickness of the Smart Card, according to ISO 7810ID-1, the same international standard of common payment cards.

A number of patents, granted internationally, protect and ensure the technological uniqueness on the market of the Biometric Smart Card engineered by Card Tech®. In line with the current ISO 7810 ID-1 compatibility standards, it can be read by all smart card readers on the market and is identical to any badge or card in its external appearance. The real peculiarity resides inside the device, where the fingerprint sensor, which activates the Smart Card only when the rightful owner is authenticated by swiping on the sensor itself, is found.

The biometric data of the card owner (so-called template) is a simplification of the user's real fingerprint and can in no way be traced back to him. For an additional level of security, the data is stored in an encrypted memory inside the card, resistant to physical and logical attacks, from which it cannot be extracted.


The applications of the Smart Card by Card Tech® are manifold: in banking, finance, government, institutions and companies or for personal identification applied to Public Administration. The immediate benefit is that use of the card is possible only by the owner, thanks to the simple operation of fingerprint verification required to turn it on. In the particular case of banking services, this represents the natural evolution of ATM cards, credit cards and prepaid cards, with total protection security of banking data and access.

Additional uses in the banking sector could be home banking, electronic payment services and online shopping which, thanks to this innovative device, would become so secure and protected as to convince even the most diffident consumer to use them.

The biometric verification of the Smart Card by Card Tech® also offers potential developments in various institutional sectors, thanks to the possibility of protecting the personal identity and privacy of the user: identity cards, electronic voting, use of health care services or possible application on passports and other identity documents. These latter applications would bring significant benefits in conducting border and airport operations, making personal identification faster and more secure.

Smart Card by Card Tech® sets new security standards, but its application does not require any redesign of the infrastructure since it is already compatible with that in place (it can be read by any normal smart card reader/POS/ATM and RFID/NFC readers), and thus can be immediately implemented on the market.




Card Tech®, an Italian company, holder of numerous worldwide patents, is active in the research and development of innovative mobile devices that aim to revolutionise the world of data security with the aid of state-of-the-art biometric sensing technologies. In a world in which the security of monetary transactions and communication privacy can be easily compromised, the goal of Card Tech® is to make everyday operations such as payments and physical and logical accesses more secure, improving their usability and thus increasing the quality of people’s lives. The goal of the company is to provide a viable alternative to common passwords and PINs with the adoption of the latest and most secure biometric technologies, improving user security (both actual and perceived). For the PDA market, Card Tech® is unique in using biometric technologies in conjunction with NFC/RFID communications. For the smart card market, the company has developed a card compliant with the ISO7810 ID-1 standard specifications, provided with an ultra-thin biometric sensor, battery and chip to ensure secure match-on-system of the user’s fingerprint.

Card Tech® has its headquartersin Italy in the Luigi Danieli Science and Technology Park in Udine and has received funding to support the early R&D stages from the Italian Ministry of Production Activities and from the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region.

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