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Austec Electronic and Voice Security Systems agree to build Voice Locks

Austec Electronic::: Voice Security Systems Inc. wants to make known that Austec Electronic of New Zealand has chosen our speaker verification/ authentication technology to be integrated into a module of multi uses in electronic device that will be a plug and play that will fit on to scenario’s that would utilize “Access and Control” to such devices as Automobiles, Big rigs, Door locks, Computers, Cell phones, Garage-door openers, , plus any and all other electronic devices that are utilized in access control.

A lot have been asking for this unit for a long time.

Voice Security Systems vision has always been to commercialize chip-level speaker verification / authentication The Company’s focus is on low memory, embedded applications, text-dependent and language independent speaker-verification.

We require multi units please contact Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. under the heading of Plug and Play. The cost is $300.00 USD per unit in lots of 10.


For enrollment, a user selects a password at least two seconds long and is prompted to say the password a minimum of three times. During verification, the user says her/his password. If the voice model does not match access is denied.


Visit our Website  for a free (and anonymous) demo of our Biometric Speaker Verification Technology*** (see below);

Our Technology can be adjusted to the level of security needed for various platforms. Please try different languages so you can see this performance. You can even pick your own phrase.

We would like to demonstrate how this technology could improve your sales, by increasing your customer satisfaction.

Please call me at 949-493-4030 for additional information on how you can become involved with a complete solution for your future security needs.