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Biometrics 2013 looks for Voice Biometric Companies

Biometrics consists of a three day conference and a two day exhibition. Following the success at the previous editions we are going to continue our free exhibition seminars and we are going to setup a stream within the exhibition seminar programme concerning Voice Biometric Solutions.

At first we would like to give exhibitors a possibility to take part in the stream with the following benefits:

- 30 minute commercial speaking opportunity
- Possibility to showcase products

We expect to have room for 4 speakers in one stream. If we cannot fill the stream with exhibitors, the slots are going to be sold as sponsored speaker slots. If we then still have an open spot left, I am going to consult our Programme Committee to see who we can include.

Of course we are going to market the stream though our channels, like website, newsletter (more than 10,000 recipients) and social platforms.

If you want to be involved in Biometrics 2013 and our voice biometrics programme. please contact Steven Bot - Exhibition Manager Biometrics