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Border Management - from Risk Management to Irregular Migration, Foreign Fighter and CT Strategies

  Border Management - from Risk Management to Irregular Migration, Foreign Fighter and CT Strategies  
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The World Border Security Congress is the premier multi-jurisdictional transnational platform where the border protection, management and security industry policy-makers and practitioners convene annually to discuss the international challenges faced in protecting borders.


Border Management - from Risk Management to Irregular Migration,
Foreign Fighter and CT Strategies

US intelligence estimates in excess of 40,000 total foreign fighters have gone to the conflict. These men and women present a massive threat to the international security and a huge challenge to the global border management community. Irregular migration also poses threat of criminal and arms smuggling. Identifying these individuals/threats at border crossing points still presents the best opportunity apprehend these individuals. Developing strategies and technologies to do must be a priority.

Risk Management through risk based decision making processes
Renée L. Yengibaryan, Deputy Director – IPD, Operations Support, U.S. Customs and Border Protection

The Dutch Approach on Irregular Migration
Neda Katalina MS, Strategic Advisor People Smuggling & Human Trafficking & Nella Kadic MSc, Acting Coordinator International Relations and Crime Investigation Expert, Royal Netherlands Marechaussee

Dr Nasser Segayer, Libyan National Team for Border Security and Management

Senior Representtaive, Iraqi Border Guards

Comprehensive Integrated Border Management System (CIBMS)
Director General, India BSF*

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The World Border Security Congress is a high level 3 day event that will discuss and debate current and future policies, implementation issues and challenges as well as new and developing technologies that contribute towards safe and secure border and migration management.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Sheraton Casablanca Hotel and Towers,
Morocco on 19th-21st March 2019.




The Port of Casablanca is one of the largest artificial ports in Morocco and in the world. The Site Tour of the Port of Casablanca will offer an insight into these challenges and how the relevant authorities tackle these through traditional and technological solutions. Spaces are limited so ensure you book your place on the site tour early.

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The World Border Security Congress aims to promote collaboration, inter-agency cooperation and information/intelligence sharing amongst border agencies and agencies at the border . Border agencies and agencies at the border can benefit from the ‘Closed Agency Only Workshops’ with a series of behind closed door discussion and working group opportunities.

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The Social Affairs and Health Cluster Committee in conjunction with Committee on Political Affairs of the AU-ECOSOCC, will be hosting a Workshop on the margins of the Congress to understudy the situation and proffer necessary solutions that will address the issues of Migration in Africa

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World Border Security Congress, 19-21 March 2019, Casablanca, Morocco