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Border Security and Access Control - Counter Terror Expo 2014 offers a truly international perspective


For governments, security services, law enforcement agencies and CNI operators, the need to police borders, protect perimeters and control site entry is becoming an ever increasing challenge. To help meet that challenge, Counter Terror Expo 2014 will be taking an international perspective – both within its free-to-attend exhibition and through one of its seminar workshops, the International Security for an Evolving World Theatre.

The exhibition will host a number of leading international companies showcasing the very latest technologies, products and services in the area of border security and access control. As Steve Roberts, Marketing Manager of Zaun Ltd, one of the Counter Terror Expo premium exhibitors, commented: “Counter Terror Expo brings together the foremost experts … to share real-life experience, debate strategies, brainstorm issues, shape policy and define effective counter-measures. We see ourselves as part of that debate and innovation to mount a robust defence against international terrorism in an age when the threat is both dynamic and continually evolving”.

Zaun Ltd, manufacturers and suppliers of high quality steel fencing, fence products and fencing systems, will be exhibiting their MultiFence, RDS and SecureGuard systems as well as their range of PAS 68 blockers and bollards.

Also participating as a premium exhibitor will be Dynasystems Ltd whose CEO, Claire Hemmings, said: “Dynasystems has been exhibiting at Counter Terror Expo for 5 years”. The company will be launching “a truly innovative, expeditionary, scalable retrofit solution to protect against high levels of Blast and Ballistics; its modularity of design provides the ability to protect even multi-storey structures, both temporary and permanent”.

For Dr Edward Klinger, CEO of CNIguard, the exhibition will offer the company the opportunity to showcase “its infrastructure and environmental monitoring systems for pipelines, overhead lines, pylons, tunnels, tanks, generators, masts, substations and other assets. Visitors can see our products, including our unmanned aerial systems, whilst discussing their requirements with our team. We will have continuous physical demos of our intrusion detection systems as well as videos.”

From the latest in infrastructure protection to state-of-the-art biometrics, screening and scanning technology, the Counter Terror Expo 2014 exhibition will cover the whole spectrum of new developments in this highly important area.

A key player in the application of some of the most advanced technologies is L-3 Security & Detection Systems, another exhibitor. In the words of William Frain, the company’s Senior Vice President: “Counter Terror Expo has been instrumental in the development of the security market. It has a reputation of being the most focused trade show for security screening in the UK”.  In this year’s exhibition, L-3 SDS will be demonstrating its people screening product, the ProVision 2, and its explosives trace detection system, the OptEX. In addition, there will be “animations showcasing a selection of other products that L-3 SDS offers the market, such as air cargo screening and checked baggage screening solutions, which will be presented via a plasma screen”. 

Alongside the exhibition will be the International Security for an Evolving World Theatre featuring a range of exclusive presentations, including: “Border Security & Contraband Detection: Cars, Trucks, Boats & more”, “How to Utilise Global Supply Chains and Black Markets to Finance and Fuel Terrorist Activity” and “Combatting International Terrorism: The Proposed use of the International Criminal Court in Response to the Jurisdictional Shortcomings of International and Domestic Law”.

Damaune Y. Journey, Director, Global Business Development for CSECO, worldwide leaders in portable contraband detection equipment, will be one of the speakers at International Security for an Evolving World Theatre. As he commented: “Terrorism requires funding and addressing the funding is one of the best ways to attack the problem. Our tools hit at the heart of this important, often overlooked, component in the terror continuum”.

CSECO will also be taking a stand within the exhibition where the company will be demonstrating its CT-40 Kit, specifically the Buster Contraband Detector and the new Perfect Vision V20 Videoscope. There will be videos of the equipment in use by law enforcement officers around the globe and visitors will have the opportunity to use the equipment themselves to detect hidden items at the display.

David Thompson, Event Manager, Clarion Defence & Security, commented: “Border Security and Access Control are critical components of the counter-terrorism and security portfolio. Through the exhibition and the seminar workshop sessions, Counter Terror Expo 2014 will provide a unique insight into the very latest protective solutions to a truly international threat as well as an opportunity to engage in the debate about how we should continue to meet that threat into the future.”

To register for either a free Exhibition Only Pass or a full Conference Delegate Pass, visit: www.counterterrorexpo.com/register