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Bye bye fakers, shakers and copycats! Eventia Security now secures tickets via BioSSL with biometrics and blockchain

Eventia leads in the new era of Online Ticketing.
Every ticket bought online will contain the face biometric features of the visitor of the event. This unique mobile ticket can be verified at the entrance of the event and linked to the right owner. Eventia Security hereby officially ends fake and black market tickets, and increases the physical, secure environment at the event itself.

Fakers and copycats no longer will have an opportunity to sell their fraudulent tickets as they won’t work. Shakers or people who are likely to shake you down with selling so called ‘extra’ tickets for ridiculously high prices at the entrance just hours before the event or via popular online marketplaces like Ebay will no longer have any ground to stand on.

And with the enhanced biometrics, every event organiser will know exactly who is present at the event, which increases the on site security.

This global partnership with BioSSL strengthens the integrity of Eventia’s product offer. “Eventia does deliver on their promise of doing great events, even better now with integrating our biometrics solution with blockchain technology.” Says Johann Caubergh, BioSSL’s CEO.

We are clearly entering the next era in the industry! Faster processing with less than 5 seconds thanks to biometric and blockchain is impressive, while at the same time respecting all international legal requirements. We definitely have an edge over our competitors!” says María Sainz, CEO of Eventia Security.About Eventia Security (www.eventiasecurity.com):
Eventia Security is a technological solution, based on Blockchain, Biometrics, Mobile Financial Solutions, IoT and other technologies, for the control, management and security of all kind of events. It´s modular services eliminate the current problems of the industry, adapting to the requirements and security levels of every event. These problems are: scalping, fake tickets, robbery and theft of cash money in events, lack of data of attendants for marketing activities, corruption, control of the event capacity and evidence (for insurance, responsibilities, etc. difficult control of security and identification, lack of communication with assistants, etc.

About BioSSL (www.biossl.com):
BioSSL is an award-winning innovative company that secures online financial transactions, confidential document transactions, and other high-risk web-based environments. It won the Sesames Award 2016 for Best Cyber security solution, as well as the Silver Fintech Award 2016 for Best Biometric Solution.