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Integrated security zone delivers fresh ideas and new concepts at Counter Terror Expo

Advanced hardware and software solutions capture headlines and signal future developments in high level security across relevant domain spaces

London, 10 January 2013 – Counter Terror Expo, the world leading annual gathering of professionals from within related governmental and corporate entities from across the globe, today announces incorporation of its dedicated Integrated Security Zone. This globally significant event will next convene at London Olympia 24th – 25th April 2013.

Integrated security is all about bringing once disparate solutions together and harnessing their combined capabilities to deliver enhanced functionality. Technological advances over recent years enable the combination and transportation of diverse data streams in innovative and exciting ways.

Coupled with highly advanced video and data analytics tools and sophisticated global mapping and tracking solutions previously the preserve of government and law enforcement entities, these superior integrated security techniques are now available across the corporate marketplace and beyond and deliver an hitherto wish-list capability.

The fusion of automatic number plate recognition with real-time closed circuit television monitoring, smart access control and perimeter intrusion detection hardware constitutes a method to secure critical national infrastructure with unparalled command and control system wide.

Within the high-risk aviation and transport arena, real time monitoring of closed circuit television, automatic number plate recognition and street furniture sensors, might deliver advance notice of imminent threats. When combined with appropriately advanced access control and perimeter intrusion detection methods, this could deliver a fully integrated means to properly protect our primary transit hubs.

Many of the solutions illustrated can equally be applied by senior security professionals to protect Banking/Finance, Communications, Energy (Oil/gas/Nuclear/Electricity), Government/Military/Police facilities, Health, Supply Chain/Logistics, Transport, Utiltiies/Water and other large scale sensitive sites. 

Counter Terror Expo brings many of the world’s leading suppliers of integrated security solutions face to face with the senior security community in its own dedicated zone at this years’ event.

The zone comprises command & control, intelligence reporting & analysis, video management systems, video analytics, CCTV, perimeter security, access control, biometrics and global mapping and tracking solutions.

A knowledge centric workshop program, specifically designed to deliver detailed insight to senior security professionals, will support the zone.


Note to Editors

Counter Terror Expo remains the key annual event for government and industry professionals from across the relevant domain spaces worldwide. Experts in their respective fields gather in London each year to discuss the principal current issues, debate potential methods of mitigation with delegates from across the globe and drive forward appropriate decision making in their sphere of influence to keep their nations, borders, crowded places, critical national infrastructure, companies, assets and individuals safe from the threat of terrorist attack.

The full conference program can be viewed on our website at

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Counter Terror Expo will next convene at London Olympia 24th – 25th April 2013.

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