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Invitation to Participate in the 2020 World Border Security Congress


Call for Papers - Abstract submittal deadline 19th July

On behalf of the Organising Committee you are cordially invited to participate in the 2020 World Border Security Congress in Athens, Greece on March 31st-2nd April 2020, supported by the Ministry of Citizen Protection & Center for Security Studies (KEMEA), and submit an abstract for consideration for inclusion in the Congress programme.

Greece has been in the forefront of the global migration crisis since it started in 2015.

2015/16 saw the escalation of the global migration crisis, with mass movements of people fleeing the war zones of the Middle East as well as illegal economic immigration from Africa and elsewhere. International terrorism shows every sign of increasing, posing real threats to the free movement of people.

Today, these incidents see the continuation of the migration challenges for the border management and security community, as little sign of peace and security in the Middle East is apparent and porous borders in Africa continue to provide challenges.

International organised criminal gangs and human and drug trafficking groups exploit opportunities and increasingly use the internet and technology to enhance their activities.

Controlling and managing international borders in the 21st Century continues to challenge the border control and immigration agencies around the world. It is generally agreed that in a globalised world borders should be as open as possible, but threats continue to remain in ever evolving circumstances and situations.

Advancements in technology are assisting in the battle to maintain safe and secure international travel and detect illicit goods and smuggling. The border security professional still remains the front line against these threats.

Building Trust and Co-operation through Discussion and Dialogue

It is therefore both a privilege and honour to invite you to attend and join us at the 2020 World Border Security Congress in Athens, Greece on March 31st-2nd April 2020.

Supported by:

Gain insight into national, regional and global policy and border agency developments
The Congress will discuss and debate current issues and challenges and future policies and implementation including technology solutions, whilst the accompanying exclusive exhibition will demonstrate the latest and developing technologies that contribute towards safe and secure border and migration management.

Invitation to Submit Abstract - deadline 19th July
Click here to submit your abstract for the Congress programme >>
You are cordially invited to submit an abstract to present your agency/regions border security challenges and issues, to highlight to the international border agencies and agencies at the border, who will be in attendance.

This year’s event will deliver a valuable contribution to assisting the world’s border management and protection agencies - your contribution towards this years programme will enhance the international knowledge and discussions.

Learn from experiences and challenges from the world’s border agencies
You and your relevant colleagues are invited to join us and the world border protection, security and management industry on March 31st-2nd April 2020, to participate in this leading Congress with many high profile international speakers sharing experiences, information and case studies, and the opportunity to learn and share information, network and discuss the issues, challenges and solutions with colleagues and peers.

This annual gathering is the place to discover some of the world challenges and solutions, the opportunity to share ideas and to facilitate valuable inter-agency cooperation. 

Click here to submit your abstract for the Congress programme >>

Special Border Agency Registration - Apply for your delegate place
The World Border Security Congress is open for members of federal government, border management agencies, law enforcement or inter-governmental agencies and members (public and official) involved in border security, management and protection. Applications will be reviewed and considered on an individual basis.

Delegates are requested to register sufficiently early to ensure participation - registration is open for you to apply for your Free delegate place.

Further details of registration can be found at www.world-border-congress.com/registration.

We look forward to welcoming you on March 31st-2nd April 2020 in Athens, Greece for the annual discussion on the international challenges faced in protecting borders.

Yours sincerely

Neil Walker
Event Director
World Border Security Congress
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