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Vision-Box Achieves Top Ranking on latest NIST’s Facial Recognition Vendor Test

Vision-Box, the global provider of biometric-based digital identity solutions and Seamless Travel Platforms, has submitted their facial recognition algorithm to tests by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), outperforming other top competitors.

NIST provides an independent assessment of facial recognition technology for industry, governments and law enforcement agencies across the globe. The latest benchmark covering 109 algorithms from over 63 providers has ranked Vision-Box´s algorithm within the top 15. In particular, the performance in the live-to-live recognition test-set demonstrates it’s a highly performant face recognition solution for usage in Seamless Traveler Programs.

Vision-Box FR™ facial recognition algorithm is based on state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning technologies, guaranteeing a continuous, fast and automated self-improving ability. The Vision-Box Research and Innovation team hosts a highly qualified and dedicated group of AI experts that continually seeks to improve the performance of its biometric capture, matching engines and related technologies. The focus is particularly on applications in the Aviation and Border Control sectors, in which the company has a dominant market position – Seamless Traveler Programs, contactless border control or simpler biometric boarding processes.

Vision-Box FR™ is part of the company’s flagship Orchestra™ Seamless Traveler portfolio. It includes a cloud-ready Identity Management as a Service (IdMaaS) architecture that connects stakeholders, including Border Control Authorities, Airlines, and Airports. The goal is to optimize their biometrically enabled passenger process points that use advanced AI and IoT technology. This scalable solution securely enables a single biometric token for matching services beyond borders. Everybody wins, with a much more connected, user friendly, quicker and secure travel experience, that respects citizen’s privacy and any legal frameworks.

Vision-Box FR™ is an integral part of Orchestra™ and shall be available to all its current and future customers, within the suite, as a native biometric service, providing a trusted digital identity, biometric recognition technology and a collaborative identity management platform accessible to various authorized stakeholders.

A game-changer for the biometric market, as pinpointed by Vision-Box CEO Miguel Leitmann:

“Receiving this recognition confirms our ambition to provide one of the leading matching services integrated within our Orchestra™ suite, a technology which is continuously being optimized for passenger handling in large scale scenarios. We are dedicating the same level of attention to matching performance, as we have been successfully doing so for the biometric capture, because both have to go hand-in-hand, if accurate performance is expected in highly scaled implementations”

Several ongoing deployments are taking advantage of our technology today, providing conditions where airports, airlines and border police can finally collaborate in a „Privacy-by-Design“ certified environment, eliminating the legacy of separated data silos and handling sensitive data challenges related to identity management in collaboration”.

The current most advanced One iD* programs leveraging a single token system, such as Amsterdam-Schiphol, Dubai, Bangalore and Aruba, are considering the hundreds of passenger process-points, operating from curb to gate. This releases passengers from the printed paper or electronic document presentation hassles and reduces long queues, while transforming the whole journey into a digital, seamless and much safer travel experience.

Just using a face and intuitively walking through the workflow at the control-points, like at check-in, baggage drop, security screening, border control, lounge access or boarding, the passengers’ process will be handled in the background through Orchestra, simultaneously and together with all the other seamless travelers. The platform is connecting the travelers’ journey at each process-point towards the airplane, while providing all the stakeholders with critical real-time information to plan, to collaborate and operate more efficiently.

*: One iD: https://www.iata.org/whatwedo/passenger/Pages/one-id.aspx

One ID introduces an opportunity for the passenger to further streamline their journey with a document-free process based on identity management and biometric recognition. Passengers will be able to identify themselves at each airport touchpoint through a simple biometric recognition. The objective is to achieve a truly interoperable system coordination between airports, airlines and governments.