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Mandie Campbell, COO, Border Force (UK), to speak at World BORDERPOL Congress

At this year's World BORDERPOL Congress, Mandie Campbell, Chief Operating Officer of the UK's Border Force, will speak about the key issues and changing trends in maintaining border security.

Mandie was appointed Chief Operating Officer for Border Force in May 2012 and is responsible for the overall performance of the operation of UK border controls.

From 2009 - 2012, as Director of Drugs, Alcohol, Community Safety & Criminal Justice Reform, Mandie led the development and implementation of the UK Drug and Alcohol Strategies. She was responsible for developing new approaches to criminal justice and support for local partnerships enabling effective policing and safer communities.

From 2007-2008, Mandie was Director of Leadership and Learning, responsible for driving up leadership capabilities and capacity across the Home Office. From 2004 - 2006, she was Director of Operations for UK visas, responsible for administering and enhancing the UK immigration control to over 2.5 million visa applicants worldwide.

Mandie started her career as an immigration officer at Heathrow Terminal 3. She has worked in a range of ports and has been responsible for intelligence development and systems. Mandie has also been responsible for delivering significant business change programmes and associated policy development.

The World BORDERPOL Congress event will once again bring together some of the world's senior policy makers, practitioners and players to discuss and debate the current and future issues facing the border management, security and migration management sector. It will be held at Central Hall Westminster, London on the 3rd-4th December.

For further information visit: www.borderpol-event.org