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New Dates for the Smart ID Show TLV

The new international Conference and Exhibition for the Smart ID and RFID industry in Tel Aviv, Israel has announced new dates, 18-19 March 2015.

The original dates announced for November 2014 now clash with a major industry event, so it was decided to change the date of Smart ID Show TLV. The venue is still at the Dan Panorama Convention Centre on the shores of the Mediterranean.

Well known as a global centre for hi-tech R&D and Smart innovations in the fields of Communication, Cellular, Internet, Medical, Biometrics, RFID, Smart Card and Data Collection Technologies, Tel Aviv invites the world to participate in this new international event: Smart ID Show TLV 2015.

Israel is a mature, fast-growing consumer market for these products due to its security needs, HLS and anti-terror activities. The Israeli government has started issuing Biometric Identity Cards to all citizens, which means a revolution in the local market. Public organisations, institutions, government and private service suppliers need to switch to systems which can read and process the data on the Smart ID Cards.

Israel is in step with the rest of the world, which is also adopting Digital ID products and technologies. Digital ID needs to be standardised worldwide. The Biometric ID must be readable not only in the country of issue, but also wherever the individual may travel. The economic potential for companies developing and supplying Digital ID and RFID products and technologies is huge. The Smart ID Show TLV 2015 international Conference and Exhibition will be a key platform for innovations and marketing opportunities in the Smart ID and RFID industries.

Registration for the show is open now at www.smartidshow-tlv.com