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Physical & Behavioral Biometric Technologies

Articles de Ravi Das à propos de la biométrie sur Keesing Platform

Articles à propos de la biométrie sur Keesing par Ravi Das

  1. An overview of two methods for verifying individual identity
  2. Choosing the right approach for your situation
  3. An introduction to fingerprint recognition
  4. Fingerprint recognition quality control checks
  5. The advantages and disadvantages of fingerprint recognition
  6. Facial recognition, the most controversial biometric tool
  7. A deep dive into how facial recognition systems work
  8. Various models and techniques used in Facial Recognition

The author: Ravi Das

Articles de Ravi Das sur Keesing Platform
Ravi Das is a Cybersecurity Consultant and Business Development Specialist. He also does Cybersecurity Consulting through his private practice, RaviDas Tech, Inc.
He also possesses the Certified in Cybersecurity (CC) cert from the ISC2.