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Card Tech Invitation - Cartes - booth 3 E 068 - Have a free demo!

Card Tech® announces:

"Our worldwide patented Fingerprint Biometric System-on-Card in standard Smart Card size is ready for the market"


Card Tech® is proud to invite you at the official presentation of the revolutionary Biometric ISO standard Smart Card. Result of years of challenging technical development with international partners, this state-of-the-art card features an embedded flexible fingerprint sensor, that allows its use only after the identity of the user has been verified.

The Smart Card features Biometric System On Card technology, the biometric data are saved in the secure encrypted memory of the card and the verification of the user fingerprint takes place right into the card.

The biometric data never leaves the card and can not be read from the card, to ensure full security privacy for the user and minor costs and concerns for the issuers.

This world wide patented device complies with current ISO standards, also with new ISO "Biometric System on Card" guidelines, an is compatible with the current ID and payments infrastructure.

This card will reduce credit card frauds and identity thefts, and is particularly intended for the physical and logical access control, the national identification and the banking/financial markets.

Come and have a free demo of the revolutionary biometric smart at Cartes 2014 Secure Connexions in Paris (France) on November 4-6 2014, booth 3 E 068


For more information please visit www.card-tech.it