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INTERPOL World 2019 Co-Creation Labs Programme Announced

The INTERPOL World 2019 programme takes on a new format in this third edition, with a series of co-creation labs that will engage all participants in the discussions.

Each co-creation lab will define the problem set, understand where we are across organizations and capabilities, identify the gaps and look at options that will address security challenges of today, tomorrow and the future.
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Co-Creation Labs Topics Include:

Programme is updated as at 4 April and is subject to change.
Co-Creation Labs Programme

Why Participate in INTERPOL World 2019?

  • Share your experiences and expert knowledge at the co-creation labs. Contribute to critical discussions that seek to collectively improve public safety and security across the world
  • Network and engage with more than 8,000 of your industry peers to revisit old acquaintances and establish new ties
  • Source for collaboration partners or technology providers at the exhibition to address your challenges or enhance your product and solution offerings. Register for your free pass to the Exhibition here.

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