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We are pleased to sharing with you a compelling public administration use case, coping with BR’s going beyond signing, namely to pairing the optimized business process with automatic ID and bank card data capture.

The project was deployed at the vehicle registration authority of the district of Rosenheim - www.landkreis-rosenheim.de - , where every year more than 100,000 documents are created to managing the register of motor vehicles.

We have compiled to you an extract of the solution advantages. The whole reference report is ready for download at: http://sp-l.de/qk2g 

. The screen displays electronic forms for citizens easy to read and in a familiar look to paper forms. Stylus pen data are captured on screen via electromagnetic resonance.

. Data from identity cards and debit cards, can be transferred in electronic forms easily and accurately using the swipe reader. No hassle anymore of retyping information on IDs.

.The SignDoc application combines digitized handwritten signatures directly with the electronic document. The invisible biometric signature features are also stored in the PDF file.

. The documents are encrypted using algorithms officially recommended as secure by the German Federal Network Agency

. Signed documents include an integrity value (hash value) and are stored compliant to standard PDF format (ISO 32000) .

. Savings: 500 kg paper per year and at least one minute per process

. Mistakes of manual data entries eliminated through automated capture

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